New Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Services

Don't let stock seat belts hold you back!

Ford F150 Raptor seat belt webbing
Custom seat belts are the highest-impact-for-the-dollar investment you can make in your vehicle, regardless if it's already highly customized or still mostly stock.
Our process is very simple. 99% of all projects cost around $315 or less for a pair of seat belts including shipping and everything.
STEP 1- Choose from more than 50 different webbing colors.
STEP 2- Complete the form below. We will send you a quote along with a project number, shipping instructions and fully detailed cost - no surprises!
STEP 3- Send us your seat belt OR buy seat belts online and have them drop-shipped to us.
STEP 4- We complete the work and send them back in 24-48 hours.

Cost Information - includes all shipping and HazMat fees!
The cost for re-webbing is ~$150 per seat belt except #11 M-Stripe, #12 RedEdge, #13 OrangeStripe, #43 Laguna Blue, #72 Sunset Orange, and #73 Speed Yellow.  These specialty colors are $180 each.

Seat Belt Rewebbing

Send us your seat belts and we will UPGRADE to the color of your choice!!


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Not sure how to remove seat belts?  It's surprisingly easy! Check out some of our removal and installation videos at our YouTube channel.


It's impossible to document all the wonderful feedback we receive from our amazing customers.  They love the custom seat belt webbing colors and we love being able to help. 

Check out our Instagram feed at to get an idea how customers are using this amazing service to customize and personalize their vehicles.  From Lamborghini's to Ferrari's to Toyota Tundra's and SO MANY Dodge Challengers, Chargers, and Vipers, you will LOVE custom seat belt webbing on your car!!

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Cobalt Blue

2015 Mitsubishi Lanser in Cobalt Blue

"I do want to tell you I was very happy with your service when I went through with it. Everyone was pleasant to deal with and you guys did a great job. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and to see that the original (OEM) tags were kept on the belts along with the new work order number was very pleasing to me. I like details like that." - Brandon (Oct 2017)

Dodge Charger Cobalt Blue

2006 Dodge Charger in Cobalt Blue

"Thanks guys! The belts turned out awesome and are a perfect match. Thank you for working with me on this, and the great customer service." - James (Oct 2017)