Repair Service

Is your seat belt no longer retracting? Are your seat belt parts worn from years of use?

Is your seat belt webbing frayed from years of use or perhaps did your dog decide to make a snack out of the seat belt webbing and chew into oblivion? Need to replace your seat belt webbing?

Maybe your buckle and tongue don't "SNAP" together (or at all) like they used to?  

If any of these things describe the trouble you are having, there's a good chance we can help.  We take seat belt repairs very seriously and will tell you right away if we don't think we can help.  Otherwise, a key part of a repair is bring the broken seat belt in-house to evaluate it.  Before you spend the big bucks on a factory replacement, give us a chance to save you some money with a repair or aftermarket replacement.

Types of Repair

New Webbing

Replace Worn
Webbing (Dog chewed, frayed, etc.)




  • Prices start at $130 for single retractor system
  • Match/complement your vehicle colors
  • High visibility webbing
  • Restore to original look
  • Match your favorite sports team or university
  • Over 50 exciting colors


  • Dog chewed webbing
  • Frayed webbing
  • Worn out retractor
  • Broken buckle
  • Rusty components
  • Cleaning service available

Our Repair Process


"I just wanted to Thank you guys and your company for producing such a great product. I was pleased by how well your customer service was and the quality of the product. Thanks again."

K5 Blazer Owner
(after a seat belt repair)

"The work you did for me was exceptional. The belt works perfectly. I and my mechanic were very impressed with the quality of workmanship. And the fact that you sewed the original factory tag in the webbing along with yours was a sure sign of the kind of workmanship others could learn from.
Thanks again and know that this positive experience will be passed on to the members of any and all of the Nissan organizations that I come in contact with. Regards..”


 "Got my belt buckle back on Friday and re-installed it – works perfectly. Thanks to you and your crew for the timely repair – you guys even cleaned everything attached to the buckle that I sent! Thanks again and I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends."

(after a buckle repair)

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You can see all of our seat belt webbing colors HERE.

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