SeatBeltDoctor's Process

So, how does this seat belt re-web/repair/refurbish thing work? Is the right company to do this for me?

The SeatbeltDoctor™ process is overseen by our company owner who is a mechanical engineer with over 19 years of experience working with equipment manufacturers and seat belt component suppliers all over the world.  Because is a manufacturer of seat belts, we know exactly what it takes to build and repair seat belts.  The same machines that are used to build new seat belts are also used to repair yours.  These machines are tested to ensure proper bobbin timing, thread tension, and many other critical characteristics.  All of this ensures that you are receiving professional seat belt repair from a professional seat belt manufacturer. 

The SeatbeltDoctor™ service has access to 29 different colors of seat belt webbing.  The colors can be used to customize your interior to compliment almost any color scheme, match a favorite sports team, or fit any unique taste.

The key to success begins with the initial phone call where all the critical details of your vehicle and seat belt are obtained by our very talented sales team.  Once this information is obtained, we then determine the customer’s specific taste and the full scope of work that will be required.

Next, the customer receives a unique project number along with shipping instructions.  When the seat belts arrive, they undergo an extensive evaluation process.  It’s not uncommon that we might find issues with the seat belt that the owner never knew.  Among the critical points of evaluation are the existing seat belt tag, the condition of the retractor, recoil spring tension, and many other critical characteristics. 

Following the initial evaluation, we log the configuration details and take pictures of the belts as they are prior to our work.  We currently have a database of over 35,000 files associated with our seat belt repair and re-web projects over the years.  And the number grows every week.  Proper documentation of our work is a critical part of our process.

We then methodically disassemble the seat belts and continue to examine that the components are in good working order.  We are careful to keep your existing OEM seat belt tags intact, as we will reattach them when reassembling the belts.  This helps maintain traceability from the original manufacturer.

We then make any necessary repairs and replace the original webbing.  We include your OEM seat belt tags and one of our own to ensure traceability throughout the life of the seat belt.  With the unique production code on our tag, we can see when the seat belts were repaired, who did the repair, and what receiving lots our components came from.  Before the complete seat belt is carefully packaged for shipment, a final inspection is made by someone other than the craftsman who did the rework.

This is a process you can trust performed by a company you can trust.